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Mambo Communications is a full–service integrated public relations agency focused on helping emerging companies build brand and brain trust to differentiate itself, build credibility and create demand via strategic and tactical public relations services.

For more than 20 years, Mambo Communications’ executives have worked with emerging technology companies to Fortune 500s from around the world to help ramp up and establish and maintain a leadership position.  It specializes in BtoB technology thought leadership to create intelligently outspoken companies.

Mambo does this by offering an integrated approach of strategic planning, positioning, branding, media relations, writing, social media, reputation management, crisis PR and supportive public relations and marketing communications programs with demonstrated processes to help clients' triumph and be a star.

Underlying the Agency’s strategy is its philosophy of building a personal connection between customers and the companies they buy from.

A singular focus allows the Agency to create effective programs based on its extensive knowledge of what has been successful for its established client base.  This proprietary knowledge is provided to new clients and allows them the advantage of cutting-edge marketing and public relations results.

Sole Beliefs

We recognize the needs of our clients and then implement the most effective programs and strategies.

To do this, we believe an agency needs to:
  • Understand your company's vision and business.
  • Have a much deeper understanding of high technology and the high-tech marketplace than typically expected.
  • Understand your target media.
  • Be seen as a resource to the editorial community.
  • Take a proactive role in promoting our clients.
  • Be held accountable for what we promise to accomplish.

Through our core beliefs, we create opportunities and advantages that our clients didn't even know existed.  And our success is measured by our clients' satisfaction.

Craig McGowan, Kodak
“Michelle is a wonderful PR consultant. She will bend over backward to get your product or service the attention it deserves. I worked with Michelle a few years ago and even with our very small PR budget she and her team were able to get us lots of great press.”

Robin Shively, Marketing, EMC Corp.
“Michele is absolutely, without a doubt, one of the best in PR! She has the experience, strategic insight, creativity and tenacity to deliver on every project she tackles. Additionally, she has the connections to put together a top-notch team.”

Sebastian Grady, Altus Learning Corp.
“My first opportunity to work with Michele was during a conference called the Sales 2.0 show. This was one of the few shows focused on Sales Enablement and only had about 400 attendees. However Michele had at least 15 meetings set up for me and had my schedule completely full. We received at least 7 very positive writeups and mentions by press and industry analysts as a result of the show. Michele is extremely personable and appreciably more aggressive than the average PR person in driving results. I would highly recommend Michele and hope to work with her again in the future.”

Jim Hunt, Owner, Technology Storyteller
“Michele and I have worked together since 1994 on integrated marketing projects for both large and small companies across a wide range of technology sectors. Michele has an uncanny ability to grasp the big picture, formulate innovative strategies and also to translate those big ideas into targeted PR activities. To top it off, she has the people skills, media contacts, and disciplined work methods to consistently turn those marketing plans into the desired results for our clients.”

Amy Kangleon, Model/Actress, KSR Models
“Michele helped me brainstorm about out of the box ideas for growing my business. She also connected me with several outstanding professionals in my field. I highly recommend Michele's work based on her level of knowledge, professionalism and high degree of critical thinking.

Michele is a pioneer of innovation. If you are looking for a PR firm, look no further!”

Client Awards

  • PRSA Bernays Award for E-Color
  • PRSA Bernays Award for Internet Products
  • PRSA Bernays Award for Thor Technologies - crisis communications
  • PRSA Bernays Award for FoneCam